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MedCity News: Healthcare’s Co-Pilot in Delivering Consumer-Oriented Care

September 23, 2021

With other industries digitizing their business processes and providing top-notch consumer experience, the healthcare industry is under pressure to improve its customer experience.

Offering intuitive, easy access for patients is nothing new in the long-held desire for healthcare’s front door. Equally important now is to devote as much thought to these key ingredients for engagement as the hospitality and retail sectors devote to the consumer experience.

The consumer comes first when it comes to hotel stays, flying and retail. Unlike taking a trip or spending an afternoon shopping, few people embark on a healthcare journey and expect it to be a fun, enjoyable experience. So why is healthcare often a sub-par experience?

When we need to see a doctor, we’re often scared, uncomfortable, stressed, in pain or fatigued. We’re often not certain what the prognosis will be. The experience can be physically and emotionally draining. These factors make it even more important for healthcare to be as accessible, flexible and transparent as possible.

Online appointment scheduling platforms offer digital front doors to healthcare, an ideal place to hone and improve the patient experience.

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