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Enabling you to deliver better, connected care through personalized, insights-driven guidance

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Powering Patient Access

Enhance scheduling, improve efficiency, maximize ROI, and connect patients to the right provider at the right time.

Accelerate Growth

Optimize digital touch points to improve patient acquisition and retention.

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Reduce Staff Burden

Save time scheduling appointments and reduce phone calls.

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Engage Your Patients

Automate multi-channel communication reduce no-shows and cancellations.

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One Scalable, Interoperable Platform

See how the BetterAccess platform helped a regional healthcare provider significantly grow qualified patient volume:

Increase in appointment requests year-over-year
Increase in confirmed appointments year-over-year
Of appointment requests made off-hours
Of SMS with alternative appointment times accepted

“With the BetterAccess Platform, we grew our confirmed appointments by 41% across our 70 clinics. We now understand the performance of every channel we use, and acquire more patients online than ever before.”

Kayla George, Chief Marketing Officer, JAG-ONE

See firsthand how BetterAccess can help you drive qualified appointment volume for your practice.


Made to Scale

‍Focus on what matters most: connecting patients to the care they need. BetterAccess removes the friction to booking an appointment and gives your patients the convenience that keeps them connected.

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Access to patient self-scheduling

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Digital experience that qualifies patients at booking

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Mobile-optimized reminders

“Since we started using the BetterAccess platform, we noticed a tremendous increase in patients booking. The application is easy and convenient to use. It is now a preferred method of scheduling for our potential patients.”
– Boris Gilzon, Owner, Park Sports Physical Therapy

The Insights You Need to Stay Ahead

BetterAccess harnesses data at scale so you can make better decisions, drive financial growth, and deliver better patient outcomes.

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Understand how, when, and from where your patients arrive at your digital front door. 
Use real-time data dashboards to gain insights about patient conversion and confirmation rates.
Make data-backed decisions on resources, investments, and marketing activity.

Integrations Available with Top Solution Providers

Our Customers and Partners

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

“ My staff loves it! They say it saves a lot of time to have the patient enter their info and insurance cards online to streamline insurance verification. Having a copy of the card prevents issues that may come up when obtaining the info over the phone.”
– Jose Dominguez, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

Ready to lead your practice into a new era of care?

See how BetterAccess can fit your business needs, improve your connection between patient and provider, help drive revenue, and uncover new opportunities for business growth.