Introducing BetterAccess

Support patient access touchpoints to facilitate acquisition, intake, communication, and provision of care. ​


Best in class HIPAA compliant platform

Telehealth and In-Person
Telehealth and in-person appointments facilitate a hybrid approach to care.
Use BetterAccess to create appointments and accept requests at any time of the day.
Empower Patients
Let patients decide the date, time, and location for their appointments.

Use BetterAccess to support critical business processes

Support patient access touchpoints to facilitate acquisition, intake, communication, and provision of care.

Digital Access Touchpoints
Meet patients where they need you with digital access touchpoints ​
Bi-Directional Scheduling
Self-scheduling online for both the patient and the provider
Secure, HIPAA compliant video appointments​
Centralized Patient Management
Patient onboarding and centralized profile management
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Meet Patient Expectations

BetterAccess has been built knowing that mobile-centric, eCommerce culture drives consumer behavior in our digital landscape.


Simple, Instant, Convenient

BetterAccess treats patients' healthcare journey as an extension of our mobile-centric eCommerce culture.

Healthcare On Demand

Patients and providers have 24/7 access to create appointments, facilitating same day and next day access to care.

In-Person Meets Virtual

Choice of appointment location: in-office, in-home, and/or telehealth appointments​.

Digital Onboarding

Flexible onboarding and profile management save time and money at reception for patients and providers alike.

Appointment Reminders

Email and text appointment reminders keep you up to speed on your sessions and progress.

Join us in revolutionizing patient access to care.

Integrated and Non-Integrated Solutions

EMR Integrated Model

  •   Display appointment availability from EMR​
  •   Custom intervals for initial evals & followups
  •  Digital insurance and basic health info in EMR
  •   EMR appointment info syncs to BetterAccess
  •   Virtual appointment link accessible in EMR​
  •   Requests from BetterAccess are held in EMR

Non-Integrated Model

  •   Add available times and dates to BetterAccess
  •   Patients can request an appointment for any half hour timeslot within hours of operation​
  • Appointment management (confirmation, decline, etc.) from BetterAccess platform is not automatically reflected in EMR


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