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MedCity News: Data Mobility Empowers Better Patient Access to Healthcare

October 18, 2021

Laser-focused on improving the first stage of the patient journey, BetterHealthcare is empowering providers to leverage critical data to retain patients and improve referrals within their physician networks.

BetterHealthcare seeks to reduce the friction in healthcare by simplifying the first mile of the patient journey through consumer-oriented scheduling and communication and providing better patient data for providers.

BetterHealthcare got its start as a niche player in physical therapy, according to CEO and Co-founder Greg Peters. In a phone interview, he discussed how the company has used technology and data to improve the patient experience.

The company is laser-focused on improving the first stage of the patient journey while collecting critical data to help providers retain patients and improve referrals within their physician networks. The company’s approach seeks to improve patient intake forms, appointment scheduling and management.

A critical part of that process is offering a way for patients to choose whether they want an in-person doctor’s appointment or would prefer a home visit or telehealth appointment.

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About BetterHealthcare

BetterHealthcare is a software technology company committed to redefining access to healthcare by providing end-to-end digital connectivity between providers and patients. With its interoperable, EMR compatible, HIPAA-compliant BetterAccess platform, BetterHealthcare supports all digital access touchpoints from the patients' first step and throughout their healthcare journey from acquisition, intake, communication, and provision of care. From seeking treatment to determining coverage, to securing an appointment, each step presents some form of friction that BetterHealthcare can eliminate.