BetterHealthcare announces bidirectional integration with Raintree systems

BetterHealthcare Partners With Raintree Systems to Enhance Online Self-Scheduling and Patient Experience

June 1, 2022

Strategic partnership leverages technology to aid healthcare providers in driving growth, improve patient experience, and increase staff efficiency.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- BetterHealthcare, a technology company powered by its interoperable BetterAccess platform, today announced a partnership with Raintree Systems, ("Raintree"), a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) software solutions for the healthcare industry.

The strategic partnership leverages technologies from both companies to help therapy and rehabilitation providers enable online self-scheduling, drive new direct access referrals, and improve overall direct to consumer engagement. The combined solution will aid in driving growth, improve patient access to care, and increase operational productivity. The benefits of this direct integration include:

  • Accelerated appointment volume by connecting patients with the right care at the right time via 24/7 online self-scheduling
  • Enhanced patient experience with custom appointment types and a configurable booking flow that displays real-time appointment availability
  • Increased staff efficiency through seamless bi-directional data capture and exchange, saving time scheduling appointments and reducing phone calls

“More than three-quarters of patients consider it important to be able to book, cancel or change an appointment online, according to Accenture. They also want to be able to handle scheduling, pre-register for an appointment or pay bills whenever they want, which frequently means outside of regular business hours,” said Terrence D. Sims, Chief Strategy Officer at Raintree. “While Raintree offers these capabilities natively, we believe the addition of the BetterAccess configurable booking flow extends the functionality of our versatile, data-driven patient engagement platform, Connect™.“

Raintree's bi-directional patient engagement platform, Connect™, offers embedded telehealth solutions, SMS text notifications and treatment outcomes that can be tailored to individual patient preferences, blast emails, clinical questionnaires along with digital intake and scheduling, automated patient engagement, and data collection and analytics. Provider personalization enables HIPAA-compliant communications between the patient and their therapist, providers and referral sources, non-clinical staff to patient, and others throughout the continuum of care.

“Raintree Systems has been a leader in innovative software solutions for the therapy and rehab industry for decades,” says Greg Peters, CEO of BetterHealthcare. Bringing BetterAccess together with Raintree Connect will greatly enhance healthcare providers using this platform to grow their business through greater access and increased qualified scheduled appointments.”

About Raintree

Raintree is the preeminent platform for enterprise and mid-sized therapy provider organizations. They have a proven track record of success and client satisfaction providing solutions in patient engagement & communications, clinical documentation, revenue cycle management (RCM), and business intelligence/analytics for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, & ABA across all treatment settings. From pediatrics to geriatrics, Raintree has more than 2,500 implementations and more than 25,000 users daily and their commitment to "Software-as-a-Relationship" uniquely distinguishes them from other providers in the market. To learn more about Raintree, visit:

About BetterHealthcare

BetterHealthcare is a software technology company committed to redefining access to healthcare by providing end-to-end digital connectivity between providers and patients. With its interoperable, EMR compatible, HIPAA-compliant BetterAccess platform, BetterHealthcare supports all digital access touchpoints from the patients' first step and throughout their healthcare journey from acquisition, intake, communication, and provision of care. From seeking treatment to determining coverage, to securing an appointment, each step presents some form of friction that BetterHealthcare can eliminate.