Attract, Qualify & Convert More Patients with Online Scheduling

A better online scheduling solution that drives revenue.

Provide a frictionless patient-provider experience and convert new patients with convenient, efficient, online-self scheduling powered by BetterHealthcare. With the combination of Breakthrough Marketing and BetterHealthcare, people in pain become your patients!

  • Attract people who are in pain with direct-to-consumer marketing
  • Qualify and convert new patients
  • Save time scheduling with 24/7 access to online self-scheduling
  • Improve conversion rates with detailed lead and conversion tracking
  • Make data-driven decisions and help optimize digital touch points to improve patient acquisition & conversion

If you're not focused on your Digital Front Door, you're losing revenue.

From the moment a patient needs health care, we empower you to help them begin the journey of choice—when, where, and how they want to receive the best care possible.  

Today’s healthcare consumer demands simplicity, convenience, and instant, on demand access to care. If your digital front door doesn’t match consumer expectations, you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow your business.  

Let’s fix that! Our leading-edge, innovative solutions help bridge the gap between patient expectations and healthcare operations.

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Your Digital Front Door

Improve lead conversion rate
More patients at a lower acquisition cost
Fewer steps when contacting patients and setting up appointments

Redefine Access to Care


  • 24/7 access to online self-scheduling for in-clinic and telehealth appointments
  • Easy, streamlined scheduling reduces phone calls to schedule patients
  • Improve access across digital channels - QR codes, Google My Business, Facebook
  • Schedule follow-up and recurring appointments

Patient Experience

  • Qualify patients electronically, including insurance information
  • Customizable booking flow
  • Appointment confirmation and rescheduling via text/SMS
  • Automated email and text/SMS appointment reminders


  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant video
  • Encrypted recording and cloud storage
  • Securely download and share recordings
  • Screen-share and demonstration modes
  • Pre-call audio, video, and bandwidth tests

Data Insights

  • Optimize acquisition channels to improve patient conversions
  • Dashboards enable data-driven decision making & prioritization

We'd love to set you up with a demo of BetterAccess. In our eyes, the digital front door is more than just a single piece of the patient journey, it's a strategic approach that expands access beyond facilities to meeting patients where they are.

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